Sunday, May 31, 2009

TechnoBabble Podcast #0, a.k.a. 'Hello, World' - Google Wave

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In our maiden podcast, we get together and talk about Google Wave.

Is it a brave new step to boldly go where no web giant has gone before, or merely a mashup of pre-existing tools? An attempt to capture some enterprise market share or to fundamentally change the way the Internet works? Will we see massive gains in worker productivity or the advent of real-time spam from Nigeria? We discuss!

Hosts: Deepak Sarda, Ashwin Nanjappa, Anshul Nigham, Hitesh Sarda and Amit Jain.

Get the MP3 recording of this episode here. Forgive our (lack of) editing skills, we really do hope to do better next time.

Comments welcome at this blog or at technobabble -dot- podcast [at] gmail.

Thanks for listening!

Show Notes

Google Wave Demo

Does Google Wave threaten other collaborative tools?


  1. Good show guys !! Make this more frequent.
    ~ Sonia

  2. Interesting podcast. See if you guys can increase the volume a bit, was hard at times to listen to some of you.

    Keep them coming!

  3. I liked the freewheeling discussion.
    Anyway, here is my suggestion - Since:
    1. you guys plan to do this monthly; &
    2. the podcast is an hour long.

    Is it possible to squeeze in a few more topics into the discussion? Something like 20 minute discussions on 3 noteworthy software/ideas etc. for that month, rather than just 1 topic would be more enjoyable, I think.

    Anyway, congrats on your maiden podcast. I look forward to more from you guys :-)

  4. Good stuff guys!!! Just a question, how many of you are currently working in a Company. The number of Reply-All emails justifies having a solution similar to Wave.